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Corporate Profile
Mission & Vision

Steamtech’s oil industry goal is to provide fit for purpose engineering combined with a safe, well-managed solution to the “Heavy Oil” producer. Steamtech uses proven technology that assists heavy oil producers realize the last technically extractable drop of oil from each reservoir,thereby extending the economic life of newly discovered and mature heavy oil fields. 

Steamtech’s Gulf experience began in Oman in 2004 for maintaining and operating renewed Steam generators and a RO (Reverse osmosis) Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and well testing facilities in Mukhaizna for a reputed Omani Oil & Gas Company. Steamtech is  100% Omani AAKGC Group Company.

Shortly after the successful trial, the client ordered two additional plants with steamers, water treatment plants & well testers for projects in Central Oman and the Thayfut pilot project. From this, Steamtech has continued to provide services to reputed Omani Oil & Gas Companies.

In 2010, leveraging Steamtech’s success in Oman together with our previous globally recognized expertise, we began operating Steam and WTP combined with a newly designed advanced production well testing system in North Kuwait. These production facilities were designed, manufactured and installed by Steamtech and are state-of-the-art.Steamtech currently has offices in Oman, Kuwait and Cairo and continues to look for opportunities to expand its operations in the Middle East and Africa.

Steamtech provides proven technologies and localized equipment manufacturing capabilities. We have a significant local Gulf physical presence, which provides a key market advantage. Our headquarters are based in Oman and our CEO and senior management team work from here offering “same time zone” consulting and faster trouble shooting deployment.

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